Brent Lamm "Umpqua River Fishing Guide"

Brent Lamm's Umpqua river fishing guide service fishes for Summerrun Steelhead Winterrun steelhead, Salmon, Fall Chinook Smallmouth Bass and Shad on the Umpqua river and other popular southern Oregon rivers.

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Brent Lamm is the owner and fishing guide at Lamm's Guide service. the Umpqua river Brent Lamm is a true Oregonian and was born and raised in the beautiful Umpqua Valley. He knows the area like the back of his hand and has been a full time Umpqua River (and popular nearby area rivers) fishing guide since 1992.

Brent says that fishing isnít just a pastime but a full time job. Since he was a young boy Brent has fished the area with his dad. Many of the fishing guides in this area are part time guides and they often do not know the latest river flows, currents, water clarity, water levels and fish run information. These part time guides are full time employees at other jobs and often take a few weeks off during popular runs and offer fishing trips on their days off or for short periods during popular fishing times of the year. Brent fishes all year 'round and is familiar with all the important conditions that you need to know if you want to enjoy a successful fishing trip.

Brent is truly a local legend and known in the area as the Umpqua Fishing Guide. He remembers as a young boy fishing with his dad and looking at the fishing guides around us them on the river and just being amazed that a person could earn a living fishing. "I knew from a young age that guiding would be my life long job. I pride myself in clean boats, top of the line fishing equipment and the safety of my operation and the customers in my boat. Brent is always on top of the latest techniques and locations to make sure his customers have a safe and enjoyable experience on the water and he looks forward to meeting all of you and spending a great day on the water fishing. So don't be the guys ion the other boat with a part time guide who are pointing at Brent's boat all day saying "oh look, they got another one on". Be the people in the "hot boat" that's always catching all the fish. Contact The Umpqua river fishing guide service today.

The Umpqua Fishing Guide Rivers

UMPQUA RIVER: Winter through summer the Umpqua is a great fishery starting high in the Cascades and ending in Reedsport at the Pacific. We fish the Umpqua for fall salmon, winter steelhead, smallmouth bass and shad.

COQUILLE RIVER AND COOS RIVER: Both of these rivers have very strong steelhead fisheries and the lower ends are great for fall salmon fishing.

COLUMBIA RIVER: The Columbia river has great fishing all year round but we only spend a couple of months out of the year chasing around the great eating sturgeon.

ELK RIVER AND SIXES RIVER: These two small coastal streams hold the latest run of fall salmon on the Oregon coast. There is something about thirty pound salmon laying in these small rivers that will keep you coming back for more.

SACRAMENTO RIVER: Formerly known for its amazing salmon fishing the Sacramento is where we spend a few months every year catching the very plentiful striped bass.

KLAMATH RIVER: The Klamath river is now breaking with its great Salmon and summer steelhead fishing. Itís not uncommon in the fall to see eagles, seals and black bears.

ROGUE RIVER: The Rogue is good fishing from top to bottom, fall salmon and summer steelhead are our usual prey of choice.

Brent Lamm, Umpqua River Fishing Guide fishes for Summer Steelhead Fall Chinook Salmon Shad Winterrun Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass on the Umpqua, Rogue, Elk, Sixes and Coquille rivers.

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